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Endless pools

Endless Pools is the market leader in Counter Current Swimming and Aquatic Exercise Technology, and can provide the perfect alternative to a conventional full size pool. Their counter current swimming technology allows even those with a smaller space to experience the pleasure of swimming in their own home or garden every day.

ABS Pools are proud to say that we are the only dealers of Endless Pools in Shropshire!

With more than 16,000 Endless Pools installed in 70 countries around the world, they have set the standard for an alternative to the conventional pool.

Endless Pool technology creates an unsurpassed swim or resistance current that is wide, deep and completely variable in speed and strength, making it ideal for swimming, exercise, therapy and family fun.

Their range also includes the Endless Pool Spa Series. These beautifully sculpted acrylic Swim Spas also combine hydrotherapy jet seats, a resistance current and an underwater treadmill. No other pool or spa offers such a complete solution for your health and wellbeing.

Endless Pools’ ‘Fastlane’ provide a further option, for those wishing to add a counter current to an existing or new conventionally built swimming pool. Like an original Endless Pool, The ‘Fastlane’ creates a current that mimics a smooth flowing river.

Unlike jetted alternatives, the ‘Fastlane’ generates a wide block of crystal clear, bubble free, and completely adjustable water flow: creating the perfect swimming environment. And the ‘Fastlane’ has numerous applications beyond swimming: aqua jogging, water aerobics, even rehabilitation therapy.

For more information, and to discuss the many Endless Pool options available, give Sarah or Roger a call or pop in and see us at our Showroom at Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury.