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What do I need to know about keeping water clean?

It is of vital importance to keep water clean and free from bather pollution and bacteria etc. If left untreated, these pollutants build-up in the water to cause discomfort and risk infection to the bathers. With regular dosing and testing, your water should be safe and fresh at all times.

The most widely used disinfectant (sanitiser) for domestic pools in the UK is chlorine. When chlorine is used on a regular basis, this product will ensure that any nasty micro-organisms and algae are eliminated.

As well as sanitised, it is important to keep the balance of your pool water correct by testing the PH, Total Alkalinity and Water Hardness.

The PH is the name given to the relationship between acid and alkali. Because the human body is sensitive to acid and alkali it is necessary to make sure that the water we swim in is controlled properly otherwise it will cause skin and eye irritation. Also if the PH level is too low then the water will have corrosive tendencies and if it is too high it will form scale. Incorrect PH levels will also result in inefficient disinfection.

Total Alkalinity is the amount of alkali in the form of bicarbonates and hydroxides present in the pool water. Total Alkalinity affects and controls the PH and if the TA is too high the PH will be difficult to adjust and if the TA is too low this will cause an additional problem of making the water corrosive.

Water Hardness depends on the amount of dissolved calcium in the pool water. High levels will give rise to scale formation with low levels causing corrosion to pool surfaces.

Water testing can be done by ourselves either on site or at the shop, or by yourselves with the use of simple testing equipment. If you prefer not to use chlorine we have several alternatives, including Revacil, Bromine and Oxygen in stock if you prefer.

You can sit back and relax when you know that your friends and family are bathing safely and by following some simple rules.

Always thoroughly read and follow the instructions on the container

Never mix chemicals in the same container and ensure that any containers used for storage or mixing are free from any contaminants.

Store all chemicals well away from children and animals. Always keep them locked in a secure location.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Always add chemicals to water, not water to chemicals.

All chemicals required to keep your water clean, clear and disinfected are always in stock with free advice for those of you who are a little unsure what to do!

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